laser show, laser light shows, laser light show, las vegas lasers
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laser show, laser light shows, laser light show, las vegas lasers
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Laser Light Group is proud to be the laser and special effects provider for some of the finest production companies in the country.  Directly, and in association with these companies we have had the pleasure of providing our services to a great list of clients, including:

  • Tao Nightclub
  • Lavo Nightclub
  • Heineken
  • Playboy Mansion
  • Microsoft
  • McDonald’s
  • Prudential of Japan
  • AICO
  • Kawasaki
  • Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas
  • Paris Hotel Las Vegas
  • Orleans Hotel Las Vegas
  • Starwood Hotels
  • Mobius 8
  • Tuff N Uff Fighting Championship
  • Championship Bull Riders
  • Church of Scientology
  • Sundance Film Festival
  • Ritz Carlton
  • TerraData
  • Ryland Homes

Las Vegas Lasers, Las Vegas Laser Show, Las Vegas Laser Rental

Nightclub Laser Shows

Las Vegas is the home of the HOTTEST CLUBS on the west coast.  More people travel to the city of entertainment to be amazed by the most spectacular sites anywhere and the Nightclub scene is where they want to be seen. From Celebrity guests to every day regulars, everyone wants to be wowed.  Set your nightclub apart from the rest. Jaw dropping party lasers bring an ambiance and excitement to your venue like nothing else.

Virtual Reality Concerts

Immense yourself in full Stereoscopic (3-D) Live Performances of your favorite Rock Bands orchestrated to the worlds most Advanced Lasers, Lighting and Special FX.

This 55-75 minute turn-key entertainment module will blow away your corporate audience!  The Icons of Rock perform “Virtually live” in front of your audience with Giant video screens, Big Sound, staging, synchronous lighting and Lasers ripping through the air in a choreographed spectacle like no other.  Bands include: Led Zeppelin, The Who, U2, Phill Collins, Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi, Metallica, AC/DC and Kiss! Audience demographics 30-55 years of age will stand up and shout when they see their legends perform in this multimedia extravaganza of lights, gags and lasers.  Absolutely the most kick-ass, over the top unforgettable experience your audience will ever see in a corporate venue and it's a great way to save money over hiring a big name Music Act.

Laser Rentals

Add high powered green and color lasers to your show or event. Unlike old-school lasers, our state of the art lasers use 110V electricity and do not require water cooling.  Get all the brightness and impact from our high powered Green and full Color lasers without the hassle of older technology.

laser show, laser light shows, laser light show, las vegas lasersMoving Head Lasers
We have the only Moving head Lasers in the United States.  Spend your production dollars wisely.  With our moving head lasers we can shoot multiple “projection zones” or areas that get hit by the laser. Multiple projection zones mean you cover a tremendously larger area of you venue without having to rent additional lasers. Also, moving head lasers can pan or sweep the entire venue from one location.

Full Color lasers for animations and graphics are a compelling source for advertisements, shows or logos.  Shoot the outside of your venue with your company’s logo or a short animation on the convention walls at your next trade show.


Special Effects

Design a dramatic entrance for your top brass executives with our special effects.  A spooky reveal from a falling curtain of thick fog or a blast from our cannons or a dozen columns of blazing “Pyro-fog” shot from our hardware will create the effect you desire at your next event.

We offer continuous ground fog machines provide hours of hassle free fog to cover the stage, dance floor or other venue.  Larger fog machines for larger areas are available as well but require tanks of compressed gas and can last up to 60 minutes but very thick and voluminous fog is created with this machine.

Pyrotechnics can be added to any show indoors or out by our associates who are certified pyrotechnicians.  We have done some of the largest fireworks shows in Las Vegas and can create a spectacular pyrotechnic event for you.
laser show, laser light shows, laser light show, las vegas lasers
Confetti & streamers cannons, bubbles and/or snow can add just enough to your dramatic creation to make it unforgettable.   When these elements are designed into the show and revealed in a choreographed manner they can take a good performance or product release and turn it into a memorable and successful event.

Call one of our designers for ideas for your next event!
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